What Is The Best Hybrid For High Handicappers In 2023?

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What Is The Best Hybrid For High Handicappers In 2023?

For those in a hurry, our #1 recommendation for best hybrid for high handicappers that we tested is the TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Rescue. Here are the details:

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Rescue

The newest line of TaylorMade’s hybrid rescues are out and they are really a solid option for any golfer. For beginners, the reason we chose the HD version was because of the draw bias of the club.

Having that little bit of extra help to prevent a slice will really benefit the high handicap golfer. The Stealth 2 HD is a great option to help you on those longer shots into the green.

Will A Hybrid Change My Game?

Let me begin this article with a little bit of tough love for the beginners out there… A new club, no matter how good it is, is not going to magically transform your game.

Can new clubs help out with some things that are wrong with your swing? Absolutely. But it is not a magic pill that turns you into a PGA Tour player overnight. As the saying goes, it’s the wizard that does the magic, not the wand.

With all of that being said, new technology in golf clubs IS extremely beneficial to your game and can definitely save you strokes and lower your handicap. You just have to have realistic expectations going in. When we hit the clubs on this list, there was a noticeable difference from previous models we have tried.

Do I Need a Hybrid?

Long irons are notoriously hard to hit in the air for beginners. The hybrid golf club is designed to help you get the ball in the air and hit it farther on longer distance shots. Instead of having to make perfect contact with a 3 or 4 iron, which is very difficult, you can just sweep the ball off of the ground with a hybrid and the ball flies high and lands soft.

Top 3 Hybrids For Beginners & High Handicappers

Best Overall

TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Rescue

Draw bias

Large sweet spot

Twist Face technology

Runner Up

Callaway Rogue ST Max hybrid

All new Jailbreak technology

Powerful distance


Honorable Mention

Cleveland Launcher

Very forgiving

Bigger head

Large sweet spot

What Makes A Good Hybrid For A High Handicapper?

  • Ability to get the ball in the air
  • Good out of the rough
  • Should be available in higher lofts
  • Should be available in stiff AND regular flex shafts
  • Adjustable or comes with a draw bias to help fix your slice

Best Hybrids For Beginners

  1. TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Rescue (Best Hybrid For High Handicappers Overall)
  2. Callaway Rogue ST Max (Runner Up – Best Hybrid For High Handicappers)
  3. Cleveland Launcher Xl Halo (Honorable Mention – Best Hybrid For high Handicappers)
  4. PXG 2022 – 0211 (Best Value)
  5. Cobra Radspeed Hybrid (Best Value Runner Up)
  6. TaylorMade SIM Max Hybrid (Best Value Honorable Mention)
  7. Wilson Golf Staff D300 SL (Extreme Value)

#1 Recommended: Best Hybrid For High Handicappers

Best Hybrid For High Handicappers: TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD Rescue

The main reason we chose the Stealth 2 HD for high handicappers was because of the draw bias the golf club has.

Having that little bit of extra help to prevent a slice was really noticeable during testing and will benefit the high handicap golfer greatly. The Stealth 2 HD is a great option to help you on those longer shots into the green.


“Like a cheat code”

Draw bias to keep shots straighter

Large sweet spot

Deep CG and High MOI


Price is high

What Makes This The Best Hybrid For High Handicappers?

TaylorMade claims their new line of hybrids are “like a cheat code” for launching the ball high and landing softly. Is it true? Eh I wouldn’t go quite as far as to say it is cheating, but these are no doubt a really good option for replacing the 3, 4, or 5 irons in your golf bag.

They have enlarged the sweet spot all over the face to make off center hits go farther and fly more consistently. The club is available in higher lofts than most manufacturers to encourage easy launch. After testing, this is an excellent option for higher-handicap players.

The one negative I found in the Stealth 2 HD was that it was easy to hook for me. I am a 7 handicap who can hit the ball relatively well so take this with a grain of salt. For most beginners, hooking the ball will not be a problem. In fact, most high handicappers would kill to be able to hit a hook.

But for the beginners who might be hitting a big hook already, you would not want to buy this club. Stick with a non draw-biased hybrid.

Runner Up: Best Hybrid For High Handicappers & Beginners

Callaway Rogue ST Max

New Jailbreak technology provides stability on the perimeter of the face as well as higher ball speeds. The Rogue ST Max is optimized for high ball speed with high launch and low spin.

A redesigned shape makes the club look more natural to me at address too. In my testing I really liked the way it sets up next to the ball. You will find more fairways and greens with the Rogue ST Max.


High launch low spin

Great out of the rough

Great long-iron replacement


Price still a bit high even though it is last year’s model

Honorable Mention: Best Hybrid For High Handicappers

Cleveland Launcher XL Halo

The Launcher XL Halo features a larger head design to make it easier to hit for beginners. The larger design also creates higher MOI.

The Gliderail technology helps keep the clubface square through impact no matter what type of lie you have.

Designed with a really low center of gravity for higher launch.



Premium forgiveness

High MOI, low center of gravity

Bigger head


Some won’t like the look of the larger head

What Is The Most Forgiving Hybrid?

Of all the hybrids we tested, we found the TaylorMade Stealth 2 HD to be the most forgiving on miss-hits. It is just a fantastic option for players of all abilities.

Having a club you can trust to get the job done is a great feeling. A hybrid in the bag can really become a safety net for a beginner golfer/high handicapper. If you struggle with your longer irons and need help getting the ball in the air, a hybrid is a perfect solution for you.

When Should I Use My Hybrid?

The beauty of the hybrid golf club is that it can be used in many different situations. Hybrids are great to hit out of the rough as well as striking it out of the first cut. You can even hit them off the tee. Top professionals use them all over the course. The only place I would not use a hybrid is to hit out of a fairway bunker.

How Many Hybrids Should I Carry?

My suggestion would be to carry at least a 3 hybrid, which is a 19 or 20 degree hybrid. If you want to play two or three hybrids, that is alright too. For senior players, carrying even more than that is somewhat common.

What Next?

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What degree hybrid should a high handicapper get?

The 21 degree hybrid will be the most common loft for beginners. If I could only choose one, this is the one I’d go with.

Is a 5 Hybrid easier to hit than a 3 Hybrid?

Yes. Since a 5 hybrid has more loft than a 3 hybrid it is slightly easier to hit. It would definitely be easier to hit in the air.

Should high handicappers use fairway woods or hybrids?

High handicappers and beginners can carry both, but if you have to choose between the two, take the the hybrid. The extra forgiveness of the hybrid will help your game more than a fairway wood.

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