Best Putter For Beginners & High Handicappers In 2023

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Best Putter For Beginners & High Handicappers In 2023

Howdy! Are you happy with your putting? No? We thought so. You are probably one of the many beginner golfers out there looking for a new putter. We put this guide together to help you find the right flat stick for you to become a great putter!

The putter is arguably the most important golf club in the bag, so you have to make sure and buy the right type of putter for you. We put together this guide to make it a little bit easier, so lets get to it!

After testing the products, we based our reviews on price, feel, forgiveness, aesthetics, and overall performance, below is our Best Putter For Beginners list.

Best Putter For Beginners & High Handicaps


PING Kushin 4


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Spider X Hydro Blast Flow Neck


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Women’s DFX #1 Double Wide Putter


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Wilson Harmonized M1


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Best Putter For Beginners & High Handicappers

Odyssey White Hot OG 2-Ball

There were many reasons we chose the Odyssey White Hot OG 2-Ball for Best Overall putter for beginners. The first reason was the price. It is in the mid-range in cost and not too expensive of a price to pay when just starting out.

The second reason we chose the 2-Ball is that it is a face balanced putter which makes it best suited for strokes with minimal face rotation and minimal arc. This means you can just take the putter straight back and straight through and not have to worry about squaring the face up.

We have hit a lot of putts with the 2-ball putter and it really doesn’t get much better, especially for beginners.



Face-Balanced for easier use

White Hot Insert for forgiveness


The 2-Ball design might not look great to everyone

Some might prefer toe-weighted putters

PING Kushin 4: Best Putter For Beginners & High Handicappers – Blade

Best Blade Putter

PING Kushin 4

Best Blade Putter For Beginners

PING went to lab to provide its players with the proper balance of feel and forgiveness with their new line of putters. We think they delivered on that promise.

The milled face has a firmer feel than a face insert, making this the right putter for those looking for a distinct sound when you hit it.

While hitting some putts, we found the alignment line in the middle of the putter helps hit the middle of the putter face and get putts started on line more often.


Great feel and distinct sound

Forgiveness on off center hits

Alignment aid


Firmer face than some

Too thin for players who prefer mallet putters

TaylorMade Spider X Hydro Blast Flow Neck: Best Mallet

Best Mallet Putter For Beginners

This is one of the most popular putters on the market. Lots of PGA Tour members play it. The mallet head along with the huge alignment line down the middle of the Spider X, makes this our go-to for mallet style putters.

When hitting putts during testing, the weighting of the club just felt right and made stroking the ball into the hole easier.

TaylorMade’s “True Path Alignment” makes it easy for beginner golfers to aim. The mallet style head and perimeter weighting make the feel of this putter really nice.

The Spider X offers forgiveness and consistency of strike with its Pure Roll Insert, making it easier to hole more putts for high handicappers.


Huge alignment line for aim

Weighting of the mallet head is ideal

Forgiveness & consistency


Some might not like the design

Price a bit more than others on list

Women’s DFX #1 Double Wide Putter

Best Putter For Women

Women’s DFX #1 Double Wide Putter

Best Putter For Women

Odyssey came out with a new insert to put into the DFX putters and they have delivered an exciting product. Odyssey claims that the DFX insert is an even softer feel than the legendary White Hot insert. Upon testing them, we agree.

The cost is a big reason why this is such a great choice. At this price, you will not find a better putter. It is a blade putter, but it is wider than most blades, hence the double wide in the name.

It comes in shorter lengths and smaller grips than normal putters, making it an excellent choice for a more consistent roll on the golf course.



Softest insert technology ever offers great feel off the club face

Shorter lengths and smaller grips


Some may not like the white finish

The double wide design isn’t for everyone

Best Cheap Putter: Wilson Harmonized M1

Best Cheap Putter

Wilson Harmonized M1

Best Cheap Putter

The Wilson Harmonized M1 is a great option for the budget conscious and is available on Amazon. We don’t think we could say what is so great about this putter any better than Wilson says itself on its website:

“Enhance your on-course enjoyment with the quality engineering and super game improvement design of this putter. It delivers everything you need to start playing today. Wilson’s world-class engineers and designers have put together a putter that will help new players easily get the ball where it needs to be for longer, straighter shots. Designed to last, with quality materials that exceed the industry’s toughest durability standards, this is a putter you’ll enjoy for years to come.” source:




Face insert technology for better roll


A little bit clunky look

Alignment aids not as prominent

Different Types Of Putters

There are a few different types of putter heads to be aware of. There is a lot of ways to get the golf ball in the hole. The two main types of putters are the mallet putter and the blade putter.

Mallet Putters

A mallet putter head has a rounded back and a large head like the one seen here. Mallet style putters usually have face inserts to provide a soft feel. They can be played by players of every skill level.

Blade Putters

Blade putters have a thin frame with a smaller head and do not have a rounded back. The image to the right shows the blade putter classic design. These are your more traditional putters that have been used for decades.

It All Comes Down To Personal Preference

At the end of the day it comes down to personal preference when choosing your favorite putters to use. Some players will prefer the weighting and stability of a mallet putter, while others will prefer the simplicity and ease of use of the blade putter.

Mallets provide bigger alignment lines to make it a bit easier to aim your putts. Blade putters have the sleek frame and smaller head design that some players like.

The key for the high handicapper is to try a few different types and styles and see what feels the best in your hands. Experimentation with different styles is always the best way to decide what is best choice for your putting stroke.


What Is The Standard Putter Length?

The standard putter length is 34-35 inches long.

How Much Should I Spend On A Putter?

A beginner golfer should spend anywhere from $50 to $250 on a putter. There is no need to spend a fortune on a Scotty Cameron at this skill level.

How Long Do Putters Last?

If you take care of your putter, it can last for many decades and still be playable. The wear and tear on a putter is very light so it lasts a really long time. This is why we think it is okay to spend $200 or so on a decent putter.

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