How To Hit A Draw In Golf: A Beginners Guide

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How To Hit A Draw In Golf: A Beginners Guide

What Is A Draw?

One shot every golfer wants to hit is the draw. A draw is a shot that starts a little bit to the right of the target and curves from right to left, ending up right on the target. One of the best things about learning how to hit a draw is that it adds distance to your shots. In short, hitting a draw a just a cool shot to hit with a golf club. For many golfers, hitting a draw can be a challenge. However, with a few simple adjustments to your grip, stance, and swing, you can learn how to hit a consistent draw and take your game to the next level. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how you can hit a draw to the middle of the fairway more often and shoot lower scores.

How To Hit A Draw

Hitting a draw is easier than you think. To hit a draw, your clubface needs to be closed to the line of your swing path. So if you are swinging from inside to out, the clubface would technically not be closed to your target, but closed in relation to the path of the club. Here’s how you can do it:

  • 1. Start with your grip: The first step in hitting a draw is to strengthen your grip. A strong grip can help you close the clubface at impact, promoting a draw. To do this, place your hands on the club so that the V’s formed by your thumbs and index fingers point to your right shoulder for a right-handed golfer. A weak grip is when the V’s formed by your thumbs and index fingers point at your sternum or your left shoulder. The weak grip tends to promote an open clubface, which is the opposite of what you want when hitting a draw, so stick with a neutral grip or stronger grip.
  • 2. Adjust your stance: The next step is your stance. Stance and posture can play a big role in hitting a draw. Stand a little closer to the ball and drop your right foot a couple of inches backward while keeping your left foot in place, which will close your stance a bit to the right of your target (for a right-handed player). This will allow you to swing more on an in-to-out path, make a full backswing and promote that nice right to left ball flight. At the very least you will see a straight shot instead of a slice. One easy way to train yourself is to use alignment sticks. Now, you can’t use them on the golf course while playing, but you should use the alignment rod while you can, on the driving range. This will train your eyes how you are supposed to set up.
  • 3. Change your swing path: To hit a draw, you need to swing the club on an inside-out swing path. To do this, focus on keeping your left arm straight through impact and your right elbow close to your body. Also keep your right shoulder and upper body higher than normal during the follow through. This helps you turn the club over and create the proper face angle at impact. This will help you create the right-to-left spin that you need to hit a perfect draw right on your intended target line.
  • 4. Exaggerate It On The Driving Range: Finally, practice on the range is key. The best advice we can think of is to get out on the range and try to hit huge hooks and also even purposely hit some huge slices, so that you feel what the opposite of what you’re doing feels like. As you begin to be able to hook the ball, just dial it back more and more until you finally are hitting a nice little draw. Play around with the different swing feels, grips, and ball position and just watch how the golf ball curves to see what works best for you. The ball flight path never lies. Try out different shots. Hit a tee shot, hit a long iron, hit a short iron. Work on ever facet of the golf game. Once you start hitting shots left of the target, then you can adjust and dial it back a little bit. With a little bit of practice, you’ll soon be hitting draws on the course!

Remember, hitting a draw is all about making subtle adjustments to your grip, stance, and swing. The key is to be patient and persistent and figure out the easiest way for you during your practice session. With time and practice, you’ll be able to hit draws with ease and start lowering your scores.

how to hit a draw

Hitting a draw is the type of shot that can greatly improve your overall game and give you a greater degree of satisfaction on the course. By understanding the mechanics of a draw, including proper grip, stance, and swing path, as well as incorporating drills and exercises to build muscle memory, you can develop the skills needed to consistently hit a draw. Remember to practice regularly, be patient with your progress, and never be afraid to seek help from a professional instructor. With dedication and persistence, you’ll be hitting draws like a pro in no time.

What To Do Next

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What Is A Draw?

A draw is a shot that starts a little bit to the right of the target for a right handed golfer and curves from right to left, ending up right on target.

How To Hit A Draw?

1. Strengthen your grip
2. Adjust your stance to the right of the target
3. Swing from an inside to out path
4. Let the clubface turn over naturally at impact

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